Meet Cathy

Depression is a curious illness. Some days you’re fine, and some days you can’t move. There’s nothing physically holding you down, nothing you can blame, so you feel guilty about not moving. Guilt stokes the fire, doubles down, calling you lazy and worthless and making you feel even heavier, starting the whole process over again.  …

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What is Sexual Harassment?

But is it harassment? Imagine an office Christmas party where a male boss grabs a female employee’s ass. She later makes an allegation against him which he tries to deny, but his actions were caught on a security camera and the man is fired. Some readers may think that the problem stems from a patriarchic …

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Why I’m Never Going Back

I was crushed when I got a rejection letter from grad program at the University of Michigan. I was 22, had just graduated with my BA in English Lit, and was ready to further my career as a writer by going back to school.  You can keep laughing, as long as you keep reading.  Sitting …

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