Meet Cathy

Depression is a curious illness. Some days you’re fine, and some days you can’t move. There’s nothing physically holding you down, nothing you can blame, so you feel guilty about not moving. Guilt stokes the fire, doubles down, calling you lazy and worthless and making you feel even heavier, starting the whole process over again.  …

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Gross gross gross

You know when you’re working and reach over to pet your dog and you’re like “what’s that?” and you pull back the fur and there’s a TICK oh my god a TICK it’s a fucking TICK BODY sticking out of my dog’s neck like some kind of shitty SPIDER VAMPIRE and you have to convince …

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Photo courtesy AP

Orphans from shitholes get baths and cages The brown ones have value at tender ages The smaller the life, the better the care Leave older ones to thoughts and prayers The handshakers, ICE makers, “care”takers, They knew. This fire to roust us all removed From those who have their powers proved Eyes are open, wide …

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