I started this blog, originally titled The Other Shoe, when I got my first “real” job. After realizing I was never going to win a game of minesweeper, I got onto the beta version of Blogger and posted things to keep my coworkers entertained.

I lost that job, but got a far better job. I also ran some marathons, had a nervous breakdown, started a podcast, got married, and wrote about all of it.

What do you do for fun?
Running, knitting, sewing, making jewelry, making furniture, making lists, making videos, and generally crafting the shit out of life. If I’m sitting, I’m making compulsive Kindle purchases next to my hirsute coworker and my husband (not the same person).

Do you have other stuff I can read?
Sure! My archives are long and embarrassing, and under the Writing tab there are links to the hits that have been published online. I’m still in rewrites for my first novel, which has only seen a handful of human eyes. Soon.

Can you believe this administration?
No, but I do rage out occasionally about it on Medium. Also, I knit pussyhats for people who donate to Planned Parenthood, so if you do that and you’re head’s cold, let me know.

I lost a bunch of weight and now my clothes don’t fit. Will you help me with some tailoring?
Dude, you’re a badass. PM me and I’ll do you a solid.