Month: April 2008

Hoodie Accomplished

If the bathing suit industry has failed me, Old Navy has hit right on the mark. New hoodie is pea-green and lovely; warm enough for breezy summer nights but light enough to wear in the sun. A friend of mine was so jealous he immediately ran out and bought himself a zip-jacket. Admittedly it was …

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Alright, So

Yes, I realize that’s an improper construction. You learn the rules so you can break ‘em. I would like to dedicate this post to one Action Jackie, who has taken it upon herself to be my personal life coach for the last few days when I’ve been feeling a bit down. To wit: telling me …

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Okay, so there comes a time in the lives of every man when she realizes that she hates her job, her peers, and by extension her very being.** I have not hit this point yet, but I see it glowering on the horizon, and it’s time to do something about it other than burying myself …

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