Sun of the Beach


My vacation was lovely. The pictures are lovely. Not so lovely: the sunburn I am sporting from chin to toes. Have I learned nothing from working for a dermatologist? My poor feet are revolting in all senses, responding to their first sun exposure in a decade by swelling and turning an angry purple. I think […]

May 30, 2007

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Me


I got memed.I was hoping to get in the long, artfully-crafted rant I’ve been working on, but my You Tube account seems to have eaten death this morning and it’s just not the same without video. Thanks be to Murgatroyd someone gave me a good prompt, or I might not have gotten in another post […]

May 22, 2007

What Ales You?


I am a little wary about: The Tigers. Lost 3 of 4 games last week to the Red Sox. Granted, two were on the same day (and it’s hard for me to stay awake watching six consecutive hours of baseball; I’d be a walking noodle if I had to actually play) and a lot of […]

May 18, 2007

Let Me (Not) Entertain You


Yesterday was kind of a wash. Notable thought processes: Brain is sad. Brain is like gummy bowl of Cream of Wheat. Coffee, not helping. Must make sense of workplace, coworkers, stuff on desk. Words on papers probably mean something / are important. Must try hard not to seem drunk. Carefully… scratch… nose… nails! Fuck! Ow! […]

May 15, 2007

Bran in Pocket


[shameless, lighter-calorie cover of Brass in Pocket c. Chrissie Hynde and James Honeyman-Scott. ] Got bran in my pocketGot yogurt gotta eat itIntestines, feel my intention?I see you, see you, see you noticed Got motion?Land O’ GoshenBeen dining green and leafyMy colon, there’s no appeasing(Really hope you, hope you, hope you don’t notice) (Chorus):Gonna eat […]

May 9, 2007

Batshit Lit 101


I don’t really have any Stupid Books That I Have Read and Forgotten but Would Totally Read Again, but after reading that list, I knew it was time to post this one that had been bugging me: Does anyone remember those readers we had in middle school, before they let us read actual novels, that […]

May 4, 2007



My baby sister has graduated from UM. She is a person now, and she has to do stuff. She’s panicked about this. Luckily, Bill Clinton told her if she eats her greens she can save Rwanda, and that made her feel a lot better. The day was as hot as sex with Hugh Jackman on […]

May 1, 2007