Month: January 2007

Drive Time

Or, Why I Should Have Just Said ‘Donkey.’SIS: Shit, the road’s closed. ME: Like, all the way, or… SIS: I’ll try to go around, but if they’re blocking the parking lot, we’re screwed. ME: Well, unless there’s OH MY GOD GET A FUCKING CAMEL! SIS: For REAL, damn. ME: Why do people walk slower in …

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Love and Toxic Kisses

I have had an entertaining, insightful post on the editing board for the last four days. Unfortunately, in that same time, I was unwittingly gestating monkey-plague in my lungs. A la Alien, it is now fully formed and clawing its way out of my chest cavity. I will spare you the finer detials, since you’ve …

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Week in Review

Days worked (consecutively): 6 Days until day off: 5 Disco naps taken: 2 per day Hours slept: ~5 per night Overtime hours worked: 9 Miles run: 5 Batches to be washed: 2 Long blinks: 4 per minute Undereye circles: 2 each Sympathies offered: Many, all appreciated Calls from work, asking me to pick up hours: …

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