76 Things That Cause Me Great Pain


1. Halter tops2. American pronunciations of foreign words3. My cat’s biannual bath day4. Financial irresponsibility5. When boys cry6. Country-Western music7. Paying more money for healthier food8. Dressing twins alike9. Rolling over on one of the many books in my bed in the night10. Inability to deck members of my extended family for fear of retribution11. […]

April 27, 2006

Kind of a Drag


I’m sorry I have been away. I’ve had a few things occupy my mind lately, none of which make for compelling entries. I have a bunch of petty little problems that just sort of eat at me until I hate myself passively, because I’m to tired to really work up a good mope. Okay.Here’s what […]

April 24, 2006

He Was the Lasht One


My sister’s cat died. Actually, I’m not sure where to put the apostrophe on that, since the cat was originally brought into the house by the older sister, but taken under the wing of my younger sister, after the first adopted a dog. So I guess he was my sisters’ cat. He was pretty old, […]

April 20, 2006

Good Times, Long Pants


First, a retraction: I want to apologize about what I said about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. I hate misinformation, and I would hate to think that I had led anyone to believe something that isn’t true. They are actually not married.I apologize for any grief this may have caused. The trip up north was […]

April 18, 2006

Funny for Your Friday


I warn you, not much will be written today. I am finishing up all the work I need to get through before Super-Awesome Weekend can commence, which involves a lot of crappy paperwork and odd jobs that I have been putting off for a few weeks. Which I will start just as soon as I […]

April 14, 2006

Be Seein’ Ya


I have so much to do before I go out of town this weekend; I’m weary from of all the obsessive preparation. I get to the point where, if I have something coming up that I need to plan for, I will fixate on it until every last minute detail has been covered. I have […]

April 13, 2006

Biggest Boobs in Hollywood


I got my brother this book for an engagement present (sniffle – my little baby’s growing up!). I think it outlines our relationship really well. I’d love it if he read it to his kids one day… it would be very Ciiircle of Liiiife…Sorry. I’ve had that stuck in my head for a few days. […]

April 11, 2006

It’s All So Damn Beautiful


My little brother is getting married. That’s the main thing that happened this weekend. We all got dressed up to see his show (which his girlfriend was also in) and waited anxiously not for the performance, but for the curtain call, where he planned to propose onstage. All loved ones in attendance were extremely squirmy, […]

April 10, 2006

Got Art?


Just a note to say that everyone in the Ann Arbor / Yspi area should get their tickets to my brother’s* show, as they’re going like the proverbial hotcakes. *Go ahead and guess which one I’m related to.

April 7, 2006