Month: March 2006

Tickle Me, Test

I really have no good reason for not posting all week. I spent much of my time catching up on the archives of the journals I read, because if I read one entry I must read them all. If there are links, I must follow every single one. My father’s OCD manifests itself in strange …

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Everyone check out this site today. I don’t know what to make of it, but I know I like it. It’s like poetry for your chest.

I’m an ‘Angel’

I realized, while changing into my sports bra yesterday to go running, that I never recounted the tale of Beedoo Buys a Bra. You know how some stories are funny only if you were there? This one is funnier if you weren’t. Probably because the hilarity would be compromised by your overwhelming embarrassment for the …

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Hummus, Books and Pecs

I don’t know why I hate being interrupted. It’s like my hatred of hiccups; it’s not really based on anything malicious or harmful, it just annoys the hell out of me. And if I’m interrupted either 1) while I’m eating or 2) with a stupid question, look out. It’s irrational, it’s knee-jerk, and I can’t …

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Nostalgia Revisited

I was reading this site today (I think because I needed to look up a name, but that’s how the real time wasting gets going) and now I am really sad that I am not seven years old and on my living room carpet, watching midday Nickelodeon. Nick, I miss you. And the people who …

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